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August 13




40 seats

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This workshop will unfold spontaneously and in resonance with the individual perspectives, expectations and inner gifts of the participants.

In previous workshops, the following main topics were addressed:
- How to find your soulmate / dream partner?
- How to enliven your inert psychic abilities and how to apply them to your life?
- How to discover the deep power of unconditional love within you?
- Reflecting on concepts like the "purpose of your soul" or your "life mission" here on Earth


Do Dao Kasimir


Kasimir's work focuses on reconnecting YOU to your higher self and to the Universe. This connection gives you access to a marvellous power within you. It is always with you and can direct you through your life in an energetically balanced and grounded way.

Kasimir had a deep and intense near-death experience at the age of 16. As a consequence he is now among us to remind us of our inherent potentials and our true nature.

Kasimir is a Medium, Chi flow Channel, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master and Instructor. But, most significantly, he is an awakened human being who wants to unite you with your gifts.

His work is highly practical and brings about immediate results. He will shift your views so that you will see clearer how to use your gifts to be happier and to experience inner freedom.

Everyone can benefit from Kasimir's work as we are all imbued with the same power, yet most of us just don’t know it.

Let me show you your most beautiful and hidden precious light slumbering right in your chest, from where your life will flourish and blossom.



“First in the energy session I didn’t feel anything special but sleepiness. After that started to happen! next few days I found out that I had much more love and patience for my child and I started to get very deep inner body feelings to dance and to move my body. There started to come some information out from my body which I enjoyed so much. So much more love and easiness and especially trust to life has been coming out after that healing session. It was very powerful!”

Marjukka Org

“Kasimir, thank you for your Energy work “on distance“.
So powerful and effective !!! Love to meet you again IRL.“

Bastian Bosch

“It was the end of July ’13 Mercury Retrograde. I had spend the month bringing light to many shadow aspects and generated quite a momentum. I met Kasimir on the crux of this month of healing. All morning I was disoriented—simply acting on inspiration of what felt most self-loving in every moment. My body was weak from instinctual fasting and my focus on the present but from an observing perspective as if watching myself through my own eyes. Dissatisfied by objects which brought me comfort in the past. I took a seat on the couch void and confused. A flash of inspiration led me to begin a simple meditation and within a couple minutes I got a ring on my phone. It was a message from a new and unfamiliar face which opened with “Sending you some <3. It’s unconditional <3“. It was Kasimir. I responded with “Thank you for your love. It’s so strong I’m having to let go a bit to allow it“. At that point in time, I had forgotten the feeling of unconditional love. It surged through my body and out my feet and hands like a raging river of light. It was so powerful…I was afraid. Kasimir stayed with me, eased my fears, and finally let me go to “enjoy the ride“. And holy smacks, it was an epic all day roller coaster—I had faced the depth of some of my deepest shadows, so deep I didn’t even know they existed. Kasimir’s help and support gave the jumpstart necessary for me to move into this life changing experience. I am very grateful for his intuitive healing skills and ability to hold space for unconditional love (all of this done remotely of curse, between Germany & Hawai’i).A big aloha and mahalo from the Islands of Hawai’i. Aloha Ke Akua.“

Kealapono Richardson


1 attendee payment 65 EUR.
Discounted price per per 4 attendees only 55 EUR per person.

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